I have experienced for the second time in my life, the fact that someone I have built a friendship with on SM has decided to block or bar me from their accounts.

I am not angry bout this but perplexed….. I mean the last conversation we had was amicable and we didn’t venture down a path we shouldn’t have , due the respect I have for them.

So …. yeah I just needs to write this down to try and unclog my thinking….

they are a wonderful person, and always one of the first to like my posts, I told them how much I appreciated their actions and they always had a positive comment back

Why did they leave???? Hand on heart I don’t recall saying anything untoward, but if I did and seriously can’t remember, well I am sorry.

I will miss them and know that a great part of my life has been had and wonderful memories will remain…



Tongue tip

On toes

Tracing round

Fleshy knobs

Starts climb

Up taut

Dancing calve

A slow

Salsa sway

Lips kiss

As Goosebumps

Show way

To subtle

Firm thighs

Fingers interlocked

Head back

Thoughts of

What may

Come true

Up thigh

Across delicious

Delicate abdomen

Your navel

Tip plunged

Wet trail

Forging on

Each rib

Taken in

Tracing right

Firm breast

Nipple taut

As shiver

Takes hold

Past chest

Exposed neck

Eagerly awaiting

Teeth and

Hot breath

Lips suck

Delicious throat

As mouth

Descends south

Each bodypart

Slowly devoured

Fingers released

Breasts fondled

Legs wrap

Round me

My hands

Explore your

Exquisite shape

Flesh goblet

Weeps lust


Leaning forward

Bare chest

Presses mine

Mouths lock

Tongues trace

Inner mouth

Tasting events

Shared earlier

Heavy breathing

Through noses

Devouring each

Others soul

My fingers

Squeeze your

Tight arse

My scent

Oozing from

Your tight

Taken opening

A slow

Grind begins

Flaccidity disappears

Grows firm

Your hand

Finds sac

Massaged into

Hard life

As again

You climb

Aboard impaling

Yourself with

A grunt

Smile lights

Your face

Fill me

Again tiger……


Laying there

No top

Panties on

Your ribs

So sexy

Running finger

Over them

You stir

Sit up

Breasts sit

So proud

So delicate

And delicious

Goosebumps pop

Under touch

Straddling me

Teasing me

To take

You now

Slowly grinding

Arousing me

Recent encounter

Still evident

On your

Flat belly

The smell

Is amazing

Sliding panties

To side

You guide

Me into

Your body

Long slow

Sensual movements

Fingernails rake

Your back

Leaning forward

Sucking your

Hard nipples

As I

Groan aloud

And fill

You full

Of fresh

White lust


Your body

Writhing mass

High excitement

Heels on

On desk

You kneel

Glistening crave

As fingers

I push

Slowly inside

Shaft pulses

Full turgid

Push against

My hand

Fingers out

Cock tip

Coated with

Womanly lust

Buried deep

Your back

Does arch

As hilt

Is hit

Balls tight

Thumb, finger

Massages lip

Paperwork spilling

As climax

Is spit

First inside

Then coated

On arsecheeks

Sweat drips

On back

As cock

Goes slack


New heels

Bright red

Strapped on

Long slender 

Silky smooth

Luscious legs

Kneeling between 

I lift

Them up 

Pressing together 

The smell

Intoxicating leather 

Fills nostrils

See through 

Delicate panties

Plump lips

Silky smooth

Protruding proudly

Kissing my

Way south

Down such

Delicious pins 

Then again 

Rising to   

Smell heels

My hardon

Kisses lips

So full

Reaching down

Peeling aside 

Material barrier

Two digits 

Slowly separating 

Flesh goblet

Juicy entrance

Peeled apart

Rod tip

Oozing lust

Penetrates core

Smell of

New leather

Beckons orgasm

As back

Does arch 

Seed spurting

Sharp bursts

Grunting emptying 

My desire 

Filling your

quivering  sensual 

Womanly soul

With love


Gentle knock

On door

Slides ajar

Catch glimpse

Luscious legs

Calves taut

Thigh muscles

Firm clenched 

As pleasure

Racks body

Head back

Hair flowing

Mouth open

Forearms slender

Moving slowly 

Escaping moans

Catch me


Come here 

You beckon


Lying on bed

You tease me

Opening wide

Not allowed to touch

Fucking me

Your eyes

Chew me up

Pleasuring yourself

For my pleasure

Kneeling down

Between legs

Pushed back

Exposed gash


Smothering labia

Silky smooth

Leaning in

Musk inhaled

Drinking in your

Delectable perfume

Daddy, you say

Eat me

Bite me

Devour me

Suck me

Lick me

Fingerfuck me

Stretch me

Fill me

With oozing

Hot cum

Wet finger

Slipped inside

Eyes wide

Feeling wet

Two fingers

Then three

Thumb caressing

Love muscle

On entry

Lips savour

Your dripping honey

Hips rolling

Against hand

Groaning squelching

Sounds escape

Your body

Begging for

A fuck

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