In chair

sitting proud

admiring you

on floor

silently pondering

your beauty

your willingness

to please

wishes accomodated

preparing self

for pleasure

my commands

are obeyed






awaiting orders

to fulfill

Sirs desires



marks easily

whip bites

draws lines

of pain

whimpering dribbling

eyes closed



remove gag

Lips parted

throbbing love

Sensually inserted

thick veins

a roadmap

to lust 



Taking one hand

You spread yourself 

Exposing your clit

She needs touching

Aching for release 


You stammer 

Chest is heaving

As your touching hand 

Stimulates your pussy region 

Yes…. you moan

Love juices oozing from

Your love hole as 

Two fingers slide inside 

Your hot soaking snatch

OMFG…. I am all sticky

Gooey…… yes…..

Faster you start to 

finger fuck yourself

I’m gonna cum

Any minute you moan

Other hand works clit

As hips writhe, gyrate

In time 

Come on baby 

Bring it home 

You hiss

Fuck me daddy

Rolling you over

Coating my cock 

With womanly secretions 

Head of my shaft

Pressed against your tight 

Ahhhhhhhhhh Daddy…..

Gasping as the head

Breaks the seal 

And is pushed home

Balls deep and slow

Do want you want

I am yours Daddy

Pulling it back 

I start to pump

You so hard


Reaching back your hand 

Grabs my bulging sac

Yesssss uh uh uh uh

Coaxing them to release 

They tighten as I 

Ram you hard

Squeezing them 

Pumping them

You cry out for me

To fuck you

Fill you so full

Of hot stinking cum

Give me that sweet milk

You grunt 

I want your cum

I’m cummmmminnngggggg

Moaning and groaning together 

Pussy juice splashes everywhere 

As you convulse and squirt

Soaking us and our fleshy parts

My rhythm increases 

Nuts about to explode

Ohhhh yesssss yesssssss

Rock me 

Fuck me 

Pound me

With a low growl

Balls pulsate spurting seed

Deep into your cavity 

Pushing back you meet 

My thrusting blows

Contractions swift and many

OMG growling makes me cum


More convulsing sweating climaxes

A wicked elixir of juices

Pussy arse and semen

Slowly drips 


I withdraw spent muscle

Now let me suck your cock clean

And lick up my reward

Opening your mouth

You swallow me whole…

Savouring and cleaning

Our trysts lust

Mmmmmmmmm tastes so good

With a wink a kiss and a lick

You roll over 

Opening your legs

For round two


Pink flesh tipped helmet

Slowly disappearing from sight

On an upward journey

Entering the moist entrance

Of freshly shaved snatch

Hard up against wall

Hands above your head

Leg wrapped round waist

Clinging to shower rose

Droplets runs between breasts

That beautiful soft flesh

Goosebumps by the thousands

Born from excitement expectations 

As my solid muscle

On autopilot pounds away

Encapsulated in stretched flesh

Finger in your rear

As lips devour nipples 

Nails leaving calling cards

Ethched in rippling sinews 

A groan as mouths meet

And like a fire 

Suck oxygen from souls

Locked in complete unison

On a spiralling journey 

To lust driven climax 

On a final thrust 

Sweet slippery pussy flesh 

Swallows ropes of seed

As crystal 



Marks me 

With a perfume

I will

Smell all



Kneeling on your desk

Your impact zones raised

Ready to be plundered 

My thumb and forefinger

Open your sweet lips

Your hand desperately reaching 

To grab my cock

Appears between your legs

Fingers grab my shaft

Pulling me closer, closer

My slimy pink muscle

Slowly guided so expertly 

Into your open cave

Biting your bottom lip

A hard sexual torpedo

Slammed home to balls

Crying out with ecstasy 

Primal fucking hard, deep

Clinging to the desk

As juices are splashed 

Skin slapping sounds echo 

I finger your arsehole

Feeling my shaft work

Meeting my thrusts halfway

As you fuck back

Who is fucking who

You beg to taste

My pleasuring finger

Necessary hurt

This is gonna hurt 

You will enjoy it

You always do it

Feel the need to 

Punish you for attitude

For  desire 

For cravings

For lust

For love

For me 

For us

For you


Your soft exquisite form

Laying beneath me

So delicate yet fierce

Devouring my hardness

Tiny hands pulling priming 

Eager to coax my

Seed to start galloping 

On their one way

Journey down your throat







Beautiful mixture of juices

My shaft 

Visible in your throat

As it rams home 

Pussy secretions of tryst

Each other devouring sex

Both close to cumming

Then I roll you over


Pushing my fingers inside

Then using one to

Beckon on the way 

Out of your deliciousness

Hand over your mouth 

Muffling your sweet cries

Nipples are so perfect

Rigid as fuck

My plump junket pump

Pulsing hard purple gleaming

Leaving love bites 

On your white belly

As I push deep

Squelching sounds permeates air

Your hips are bouncing 

Clitorus is so sensitive 

Building your climax slowly

You want to cum

But I control that

Writhing hard you bite

Then you start sucking

Sucking my fingers clean

Your mouth a vacuum

Desperately want my cock

In your hot mouth 

I climb onto you

Take the 69 position 

Then it all begins 


My helmet is quivering 

As it slowly penetrates 

Your flesh coloured curtains 

Freshly secreted lust potion

Bastes fingers tongue shaft

Blood primed swollen veins 

Glisten through opaque skin

Shaved scrotum defines depth

As eyes roll back

When hilt is reached

Legs lock me in

Control from a mistress

A very naughty mistress 

As you buck against 

Each slow hard pump 

You beg for speed

I happily oblige you

Your office chair rocks

Hard fast passionate fucking

Sucking oxygen through mouths

Locked tight tongues dancing

To wet slippery music

Lifting you from chair

Without missing a beat

Place you on desk

I withdraw my rod

And kneel before you

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