Knocking on his door

Opens and finds her

Standing toes pointed in

A smile as wide

As the southern sky

Walking up the steps

She stops inside entry

On tiptoes rises up

A kiss so beautiful

As hands on hips

Clasp and pull in

Eyes closed as we

Mesh together as one

Picked up and carried

Layed gently on lounge

Covering her with me

She whimpers as legs

Fall apart wrap around

My hips wanting more

Kissing gently yet firmly

As tongues do explore

Her hands start roaming

Under my tee shirt

Grabbing arse cheeks squeezing

Writhing hips in time

As denim is loosed

And peeled from bodies

Nakedness and sweet desire

As rhythm and heat

Increases swelling and lust

Her hand reaching down

Grasping my throbbing cock

My fingers seperate moist

Lips as entry is

Slow and so deep

A small gasp as

A tiny tear falls

Runs down her cheek

She has craved this moment

What seems like eternity

When up on hands

I rise and plunge

My swollen cock rhythmically

Into her tight Pussy

Her opening stretched over

His rigidity as on

Each stroke she moans

And rakes nails over

His arse and back

Lifting her up I

Lay her over the

Arm of the lounge

Hands on her ankles

Push her wider thigh

Muscles so taut sexy

Thumb and finger exposes

Her swollen clit love

Button that is encouraged

To build an orgasm

She is craving hard

Rubbing her sensual knob

She is squirming for

An orgasm so deep

And so powerful like

Never has had before

Then that very moment

I tense and gasp

As my balls constrict

And cum drenches her

Wet tight pulsating cunt

Me blowing inside her

Her blowing over me

Secretions fly as pounding

Into her body continue

Bending over her limpness

Again our lips meet

As we savour a

Promise we knew we

Had dreamt of



Come lay beside me

Where we can explore

What we feel

What we desire

What we crave

As our senses

Alight under touch

Mouths lips

Fingers hands

Tracing curves and valleys

Tracing with out fear

Of rejection

Tracing bodylines with eyes

Tracing tattoos

Tracing lips

Forefinger and thumb

Massaging pussy lips

One at a time

Building your viscous cream

Then lather your lower belly

With it .. every ounce of ooze

Filling your navel

Then drinking from it

Lightly biting your lower lips

Tasting your sweet nectar

As my own nectar

Slowly drips from its hole

Seeping lust

Milk me baby

Till I’m empty


Lunch appointment

Your office

Blonde hair

Beautiful eyes

Ample breasts

Rise fall

Each gasp

You peel

My shirt

Expose chest

Leaning forward

Bite nipples

Fingers trace

Upper torso

Breasts fall

From blouse

Your lips

Dance slowly

Tongue swirling

Towards navel

Hand disappearing

Down trousers

Groping growing

Love missile

Trousers undone

Freeing cock

You prime

Me to

Pulsating fullness

Kneeling over

Prone form

Pussy hovering

Over mouth

Simultaneously taking

Each over

With quivering

Wet mouths

Grinding face

As you

Gorge yourself

On cock

Slobbering mess

As I

Finger arse

And pussy

Balls in

Your hand

Throat filled

With manhood

lust drips

From you

Delicious lust

Moaning on

My shaft

A finger

From you

Pushes limit

As seed

Gushes forth

Swallowing each

Orgasmic spurt

Lipstick smudged

Over genitalia

As you

Burst and

Flood my

Face with

Liquid honey

Turning round

You sit

And squat

On rigidity

Grinding pumping

Extraction completed

Hot tongue

Kiss seals

Our Drenched

In Sweat



Hot steamy

Sticky weather

The pool

Very inviting

Slowly the

Water creeps

Up body

As limbs

They disappear

Your tee

Clings to

Shapely breasts

Looking back

You beckon

Muscular back

So hot

My firmness

Hidden underwater

As I

Swim slowly

Under the

Wooden walkway

From view

We kiss

Hidden voyeurs

On edge

Groping at

Body parts

Straining fabric

Tension released

As cock

Is freed

Bikini bottoms

Peeled off

Float away

Legs parted

You guide

Me in

To place

Kissing hard

Holding onto

The structure

The ripples

Start building

Slow thrusts

Quickly stopped

Footsteps above

They recede

As thrusting

Starts again

Water fucking

Climax close

With a

Final push

Cum spurts

Into you

As you

Push onto

My shaft

Massaging balls

As I

Fill your

Delicate flower

You keep

Pushing down

Fighting disengagement

Ripples subside

Bikini retrieved

Nipples firm

A parting

Kiss as

We go

Seperate ways


Stripped bare

Nakedness melds

Into one

Mouths meshing

In synchronised

Latin dance

Hands clawing

At striated

Toned muscle

Steam rising

She falling

To knees

As tongue

Glides over

Ribs abdomen

Transcends in

Slow motion

Kissing the

Thick base

His manhood


Length growing

Her beautiful

Eyes smiling

Throaty gasp

Escapes him

She adores

His cock

Two hands

Take hold

And teasing

His sac

Finger nails

Lightly stirring

His loins

Handful of

Rigid muscle

Lifting and

Kissing underside

Soaps sac

Daintily runs

Sharp steel

Blade over

Delicate skin

Kisses land

On smoothness

Wicked giggles

Soon fill

The air

Mouth parts

Cock slides

Between hot

Wet lips

Withdraw thrust

Withdraw thrust

Balls bounce

On chin

Tangled hair

In fingers

As Love

Is made

To your

Gorgeous face

God damn

I want

To fill

Your throat

I groan

Tilting head

On final

Thrust inwards

To hilt

You take

Me in

Holding arse

So firm

As I

Buck and

Begin flooding

Your soul

With mine

Swallowing fast

To take

Every drop

You deserve

Rising up

You kiss

Me with

Open mouth

As we

Share our

Trysts reward

Savouring flavour

Again melding

Into one


I have experienced for the second time in my life, the fact that someone I have built a friendship with on SM has decided to block or bar me from their accounts.

I am not angry bout this but perplexed….. I mean the last conversation we had was amicable and we didn’t venture down a path we shouldn’t have , due the respect I have for them.

So …. yeah I just needs to write this down to try and unclog my thinking….

they are a wonderful person, and always one of the first to like my posts, I told them how much I appreciated their actions and they always had a positive comment back

Why did they leave???? Hand on heart I don’t recall saying anything untoward, but if I did and seriously can’t remember, well I am sorry.

I will miss them and know that a great part of my life has been had and wonderful memories will remain…


Tongue tip

On toes

Tracing round

Fleshy knobs

Starts climb

Up taut

Dancing calve

A slow

Salsa sway

Lips kiss

As Goosebumps

Show way

To subtle

Firm thighs

Fingers interlocked

Head back

Thoughts of

What may

Come true

Up thigh

Across delicious

Delicate abdomen

Your navel

Tip plunged

Wet trail

Forging on

Each rib

Taken in

Tracing right

Firm breast

Nipple taut

As shiver

Takes hold

Past chest

Exposed neck

Eagerly awaiting

Teeth and

Hot breath

Lips suck

Delicious throat

As mouth

Descends south

Each bodypart

Slowly devoured

Fingers released

Breasts fondled

Legs wrap

Round me

My hands

Explore your

Exquisite shape

Flesh goblet

Weeps lust


Leaning forward

Bare chest

Presses mine

Mouths lock

Tongues trace

Inner mouth

Tasting events

Shared earlier

Heavy breathing

Through noses

Devouring each

Others soul

My fingers

Squeeze your

Tight arse

My scent

Oozing from

Your tight

Taken opening

A slow

Grind begins

Flaccidity disappears

Grows firm

Your hand

Finds sac

Massaged into

Hard life

As again

You climb

Aboard impaling

Yourself with

A grunt

Smile lights

Your face

Fill me

Again tiger……


Laying there

No top

Panties on

Your ribs

So sexy

Running finger

Over them

You stir

Sit up

Breasts sit

So proud

So delicate

And delicious

Goosebumps pop

Under touch

Straddling me

Teasing me

To take

You now

Slowly grinding

Arousing me

Recent encounter

Still evident

On your

Flat belly

The smell

Is amazing

Sliding panties

To side

You guide

Me into

Your body

Long slow

Sensual movements

Fingernails rake

Your back

Leaning forward

Sucking your

Hard nipples

As I

Groan aloud

And fill

You full

Of fresh

White lust

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